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1.Select the item is left in the catalog of products.
After finding the desired item, place it in your shopping cart. To do this, click on the "buy". For convenience, choose a description and larger image. This information can be accessed by clicking on the title of the goods.
After clicking on the "buy" product will automatically appear in your cart (reference to a basket of order), to the complete contents of the basket you can go to the image basket of goods. In the basket there is information about the cost of goods, quantity of goods and the total order.
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1.After ordering online, via e-mail notification should come with the confirmation of the order made, which will contain: the date of your order, № order, the list of goods ordered, the amount of your order and your personal information.
Also, your e-mail will be sent notification of the change in the status of your order (processed, shipped, paid, fulfilled).
In case of difficulties during the ordering process, you can always contact us by email (link to or phone +38(О97) 575-76-76
After the order is processed, you will contact the operator (Mon - Fri 10:00 to 18:00) to specify the time and the shipping address.

Product Info

Comments on the content of the price-list
Of the products on our website is either based on descriptions from the official websites of manufacturers, or by examining the passports of the product. Conventionally, we can assume that at the time the description is fully consistent with the name and the actual performance, but over time there may be some deviation between the description and characteristics of the goods.

"Change appearance"
Some categories of products may change over time purely visual, such as changing its color, the cooling system. Moreover, not all manufacturers have introduced a new model to describe the color products, it happens that to define the type of product is necessary to open the packaging, and as you know, it is undesirable. In fact, this situation may create a situation in which the picture on the website does not coincide with the appearance of the goods issued from stock.

"Changing technical specifications"
On any of the sites of manufacturers of equipment in one form or another there is a warning "specifications may be changed without notifying the user." Last time, manufacturers began to enthusiastically enjoy this right, which of course has a negative impact on directories such as ours. This is especially true in the descriptions of LCD-monitors, matrix, which change their characteristics or even three times over the lifetime of the model.


"Operating System Compatibility"
Description in our catalog is created once and then only updated in case of error detection or in the cases listed above. It is important to understand that this is not a mass phenomenon, but the particulars, an unfortunate misunderstanding, the lifespan of which is small. Nevertheless, we apologize for any mistakes and please treat with understanding the problems of the products we would be grateful if you contact us (link) of the possible inaccuracies and errors.

WARNING! The description supplied and appearance of products may vary or may be changed without being reflected on the site (Please check with management are important to you specifications and packaging of goods.)